Australia Confident Of New Migration Changes

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In Australia, visa applications has always been quite hard. As have been described by those who have tried it, the process can be tedious and long at times. And then, theres also the tight qualifications that one needs to get through, which gives you an idea of how complicated getting a visa to the country really is.

Luckily, however, Australias Department of Immigration and Citizenship has actually been taking note of all of this. And they have recently announced a new said of changes to the countrys skilled migration program. This, the department hopes, would attract more people to move into the country.

One of the biggest reasons for the new changes being announced was the countrys current demand for skilled workers. As it is, the recent growth of the countrys economy has triggered a huge demand in terms of foreign workers, as Australia small population is not enough to handle the current worker demand. Thus, many companies are now looking overseas for more skilled workers.

In order to meet these needs, the DIAC has actually decided to increase the age qualified for the skilled migrant visa to 49 years old from the current age limit of 45. According to immigration officials, the move is intended to attract more of the older age professionals to move into the country. As it is, many of the people holding higher level positions (such as managers, supervisors, and executives) are usually within these age brackets, which many companies in the country are hoping to target.

On the other hand, the DIAC have also said that they have also revamped the points assessment for the program to better narrow down qualified visa applicants. Here one of their biggest emphasis is English language proficiency, with those being graded as superior in the IELTS exams automatically getting 20 points for the assessment. Immigration officials noted the importance English language capabilities in the performance of work related duties in these positions.

Aside from that, the new points system will also include additional points for those applicants having high educational achievements, including college graduates and those who have obtained doctorate degrees. On the other hand, points based on the type of work being applied for will no longer be awarded. This, the DIAC said, will ensure a fair standing for all applicants.

According to department officials, these changes are set to take effect in July of next year. Officials said that these will give potential applicants enough time to familiarize themselves with the new rules and make adjustments to their applications.
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Australia Confident Of New Migration Changes

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This article was published on 2011/01/04