Tips to Pass Your Visa Interview

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Many ordinary Filipinos, even going to America just to visit a lifelong dream realization. Unfortunately, so many Filipinos experience disappointment and frustration when trying to obtain a U.S. tourist visa. U.S. embassy is very strict when it comes to Filipinos to enter their country.

It is possible to blame a lot of Filipinos who live and work illegally in America. It is no secret that the U.S. consular officer can be discriminatory and intimidating, the interview with a tourist visa, Filipinos, which is applicable.

Many fear a tourist visa applicant's interview, it is a very short question and answer session will be to determine if one will be granted or denied a visa. However, applicants who are refused a number of much more than the applicants who are given the visa. If you want to go to America for a visit and is nervous about the interview, these tips can help you:

Tourist Visa Interview Tips

As mentioned earlier, the interview will take only a few minutes and issues are mainly related to the reason why you want to visit America. Consuls want proof that you will return to America and have enough contacts in the Philippines to be.

Your response must also certify that you will go to America for only a short time and does not intend to stay as an immigrant. It is certain that the working-age people, especially young single women find it difficult to get a tourist visa. As is clear, the consul visa applicant who has more than 60 years old or children under the age of seven.

The right time counts. One tip is to plan your trip to the U.S. at a conference or evnt, which is related to your area of ??interest. Then you can prove that you want to visit the United States to participate in this event. It would also help if applied on a tourist visa while you are learning, because it is proof that you will return to the Philippines to complete their studies

Be prepared. When the consuls would not even seeker supporting documentation in appearance, but it is still recommended that you bring the documents to prove his Philippine contacts. If you are attending a wedding or a christening, and then copy the call for help. Here are some key documents that should change the day of the interview.

Key documents: Philippine Passport Application Fee Receipt, Form DS156, DS157 form the pictures, birth certificate, consent Travel (minors), marriage certificate (married people)

More information about U.S. tourist visa, click here.

Documents that prove why you need to go to the U.S.: the case of a call), travel itinerary, hotel reservations, list of places to visit, etc.

Close ties with the Philippines Showing Documents: bank records, www official certificate (indicating a high salary and the highest position in the company, if possible, allow your child to a school certificate, registration, SEC (businesses), marriage certificate or child's birth certificate and so on.

Be sure of. Nervousness will get you nowhere, so you have to work hard and ready. Think of a truly unique answer to the question - why do you want to go to America. Being as honest as you can to help. Your answer must not reveal any trace that you intend to stay for good, or intend to work on it.

Good luck with your application. However, if for any reason, you still deny, do not despair too much, because there are still many beautiful countries, it is possible to visit not only in America.

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Tips to Pass Your Visa Interview

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Tips to Pass Your Visa Interview

This article was published on 2012/04/08