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Canada is one of the most sought after destinations amongst the immigrants across the world. The country is known to have one of the best health care facilities across the globe. The unique multi-cultural social structure makes it the most desired place to live. The country’s stable economical structure and abundant employment opportunities also enhances its favorability.

Canada offers variety of immigration options for its immigrants depending upon individual needs. Canada immigration and citizenship department has developed different criteria for different type of immigrants’ i.e. skilled workers, students, business class immigrants etc.

The immigration policy of Canada offers two type of immigration, temporary entry to country and permanent immigration. Visitor visa, Work permit visa and student visa falls under temporary entry category. While Business Immigration program lies under permanent immigration category.

Canada issues visitor visa for a maximum duration of six months and is officially called as Temporary Resident Visas or TRVs. Temporary resident visas also allow the holders to study for a short period of time. However the educational course should not exceed six-month duration of the visa.

Visitor’s visa, also known travel visa, does not constitute any route to permanent settlement in Canada However holders of travel visas are not allowed to seek employment in Canada.

Canada work permit is an employer led visa and one should have a job offer in hand before opting for this type of visa. All these offers are authorized and validated by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) to check whether these are genuine positions of employment. This visa also does not constitute any route to permanent settlement in Canada.

Canada also offers Student visa to attract international students in Canada. In most of the cases, students opting for more than six months educational course opt for this visa. The most attracting feature of this type of visa is the freedom to work on campus. However, the duration of student visa is also extendable if required.

Under the permanent immigration programmes, one can opt for business immigration programs. This immigration program targets three types of immigrants which are Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self employed persons. The Business Immigration Program attracts experienced businessman to Canada and contribute to the country’s economy development. The business immigrants are required to invest a CAD$ 800,000 to own and manage businesses in Canada. They are also required to have some specific business experience and net worth criteria.

Another option for permanent immigration is family visa. A Canadian permanent resident or citizen can sponsor a family member living in another country to relocate to Canada. Not all relatives can be invited under this visa option; there are certain clauses for the relatives to whom this family visa can be offered.

There are other categories of visa which may lead to permanent immigration visa .These categories include Conventional refugee, live in caregiver, immigrant visa of Canada as a spouse. Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visa is also an option for the same. Canada offers different visa options to suit individual needs of immigration seekers.

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Visa Options For Canadian Immigration

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