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This is a program where employers can support or become a guarantor of a foreign worker who will work in Australia temporarily. The visa will be processed by the employer that the employee can work legally in the country. Skilled workers who are Australian companies or foreign companies can acquire a visa. They may use the Standard Temporary Business employer funding support personnel Subclass 457) and Temporary Business Long Stay Visa 457th New support obligations that employers need to know about. Employers must pay the market wage rates of their overseas employees. This only applies to 457 subclass visa holders.

Who can apply for a visa?

Workers from foreign countries, with specific skills to job opportunities in Australia may apply for this visa. An employer who wants to hire his experience to support your visa.

What are the visa cost?

All fees and charges, which are listed below in the Australian currency. If you live outside the country, you can still make a payment using other currencies. However, the Embassy and the Australian High Commission, the application will be submitted and processed, to approve payment.

The standard rate of acquiring a visa are subject to change without prior notice. Changes will be each year, each July 1. That's why it's important, but the news from time to time to check that there is no delay, but your transactions. Note: Payment for visa application are non-refundable.

Subclass 457 - Business (Long Stay) visa fees (EUR) *

The issuance of visas - 265

Nomination Fee -70

Sponsorship fee - 350

As a work visa?

Visa allows companies to hire skilled foreign workers. Long presence of the business community also allows an employee to live in the country no longer than 4 years and they still work in the company. If an employee wants to continue his work after 4 years, then the employee will have a new visa. Once the visa has been approved, employees can go back and forth to the country whenever they want. They will be able to pick up a secondary applicant, who can work and study in Australia.

There is a book that can help you learn more about temporary - Standard Business Sponsorship Subclass of employees an employer sponsored 457) and temporary Long Stay Business Visa "457." The booklet also has to make their fiancé or spouse is in Australia with you on all your business Information about.

What are the business requirements of an approved visa support?

Business must complete an application form and send the exact amount of the payment. Australian business must be legitimate and it should work. If you are a new business that will require additional documentation, such as a lease relating to the business premises and a detailed business plan. If the business is outside Australia, other documents will be submitted to show that business is non-discriminatory workplace and to demonstrate that the business employs local staff. Business may also be required to include documentation, if there are any liabilities such as mortgages or loans.

Regional employers in Australia no longer eligible or qualified for Standard Temporary Business employer funding support personnel Subclass 457) visa program. They could not meet the minimum wage level and capacity requirements.

What are the obligations of visa sponsorship?

To be approved for a Visa sponsorship, the employer must:

* Collaborate with the inspectors and support program has been approved;
* Terms and conditions of employment;
* Pay travel expenses when an employee leaves Australia;
* Pay the amount that it costs the Commonwealth to find and eliminate unlawful non-citizen workers;
* All records and documents to support;
* Provide any information to immigration agency, if there are any problems;
* Ensure that staff who are supported at work after the work is approved by the position;
* To pay all collection costs and expenses for the employee, and;
* You agree to pay workers the market wage rates.

The employee must:

* Notify the agency responsible for processing your application if there are any changes in circumstances, such as the new employer or change the type of visa;
* There is only an employer or a related business entity that supports the visa;
* Provide information about health insurance before the visa is approved.

How to apply for a visa?

Visa application is a major three-step process. Your visa can be processed quickly, as you and your employer complies with all the skills required for a visa.

Step 1 - Employers will apply for sponsorship. Application process must be completed by employers may be entitled to hire staff from abroad. Financial status and bank information may be subject to treatment to support the program.

Step 2 - Employers in the work on the proposed approach, and send an invitation letter to the employee.

Step 3 - Employee to apply for a visa to obtain a work permit, and Australia.

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Work In Australia By Getting An Visa

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Work In Australia By Getting An Visa

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